Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunset at Cairo Plantation pecan orchard !


  1. The Dixie Road is a magnificient palate of colorful personalities and fabulous journal entries. If you ever like Andy Griffin, you'd love the Dixie Road.

  2. Hi DixieBohemian! what an adorable baby! oh the smell of a new baby! nothing like a grand child! I have three granddaughters ... 20, 12 and 11 and one grandson, 17. We live at the ball park with Bailey and Brenna - 12 and 11. Super little softball players! Better be ... their father (son) signed with the Pittsburg Pirates just out of college. what a thrill and now it is carrying over with our "girls". Brooke and Taylor are military brats and live, at present, in the State of WA, with our daughter, Jill, while their Father is stationed in Guam. Miss them!
    I am so new at this blogging thing, I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of it. I am going to start doing something! like redoing a small table! sanding, painting, etc! I will take pix as I go along and we shall see if I am capable!
    Let me hear from you and hear about that new baby!! Congrats to you all!!
    Pink Hugs!
    Dee at deeslittlepinkie